The new special edition Louis Vuitton ads show images dialogue

These images take the form of a combination of triptych, before and after each image echo, complement each other to form a narrative effect, show the painting multi-faceted nature of the heroine, which is NicolasGhesquière wish to explore the topic. Louis vuitton replica new special edition of the ad creator is JuergenTeller, BruceWeber Japan Games and Comics company Square Enix .  They expressed their own views for the new era Muse.

Under the blue sky in Miami, Florida, JuergenTeller capture these seem floating in mid-air between the figure. Model show you in the light of a more bold leadership qualities, including lv latest heroine, DoonaBae.

louis vuitton bags (1)“I was in the science fiction film” find host “in the the South Korean actress Bae Doona. At that time, I was attracted to her role of personality and enigmatic beauty temperament. Her selection of films taste is very unique, can play archery champion, can play the famous boxer, and even inflatable doll play. I told her this transformation freely ability impressed. when I created a series, mind repeatedly surfaced her presence. her sense of power and show strong artistic temperament, values ​​and lv perfect fit “-. NicolasGhesquière

“When I put on Nicolas design work, I feel great. Over the years, we became good friends. Draw inspiration from the past, for now interpret the future unfold unlimited reverie, this is his prowess his ingenuity at work and details I am very impressed. I am also very fond of his interpretation of women’s fashion. he is an independent, strong and aggressive aggressive women and creation. his talent makes these women exhibit fine the beauty and charm deadly. “Bae Doona representation.

Named Thunder, the shuttle in the legendary world, looking to become captive’s sister, again and again growing, she found her strength and courage. Thunder further interpretation of the notion of heroine.  exploring the virtual world of infinite possibilities, let the fantasy role to interpret the connotation heroine.

Today in the world with over 100 million players epic game, “Final Fantasy” heroine Thunder became the latest lv Galaxy star. lv constantly breaking the boundaries of reality and fantasy. Real, unreal, personification, metaphor: Thunder is Square Enix studio imagination crystals she raised an inherent issues, problems exist only in the concept of being: the world of tomorrow.

“Obviously, Games virtual aesthetics 2016 spring and summer series of tone. Imagine those heroines, brave and extraordinary women have symbolic significance, what kind of qualities they have, you can find a perfect purpose lv brand abstract existence fit for a global image of the heroine, a social networking and instant messaging to completely integrate into the daily life of the world is concerned, Thunder is a perfect disguise. she is also a symbol of a new image technology, how you want to create beyond a classic design principles of photography and image? thunder heralded the arrival of a new sign of the times. ”

louis vuitton bags (2)“I survive armor is the only clothing needed, ‘dress’ is a concept unheard of me. Maybe I do not like to play for a brand ambassador, but this experience has taught me an eye-opener. Fashion is not about other people or professors can what we give, it comes from your personal taste and choice, it is your own to show around the world. it makes me excited, like entering uncharted territory generally .lv is a new adventure, a new fantasy, my heart will enjoy this journey. ”

To demonstrate vigor in the works of the famous Bruce Weber, the lens heroine exhibit extremely rich connotation. In the quaint town of Tampa, Florida, the West Bank, a group of girls on the streets, with youth-specific naive and uninhibited, the world around is a full of endless possibilities, nowhere it can not be conquered paradise. JadenSmith appeared in these girls, advocating individuality and freedom of the young hero, the representative of the younger generation of energy and blood.

“Only Bruce Weber perfectly capture the vitality of these young people and the vitality behave wantonly pleases flying but orderly. Why JadenSmith become a hero? He represents a generation of people really understand the spirit of freedom, which without freedom of expression and deliberately species not about sex. for him, just as a woman wearing a short skirt long been accustomed to wearing a military coat or tuxedo for men in general. in this multi-style mashup, JadenSmith show a some very interesting things. he found a delicate balance, can make their own unique attitude to become the new norm. ”

The special edition was lv2016 spring and summer series of ads in major magazines worldwide No. 2016 issued in January, released simultaneously with the movie as well as participate in the creation of this special edition of the ad shoot two photographers. Movie also appear on the online platform and LouisVuitton Replica Handbags Pass applications.