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Designer bag adjustment business into Middle East

A rapidly growing North East business which buys, sells and restores artist handbags has broadcast into the Middle East. The abutting has opened a authorization in Qatar afterward appeal from women whose handbags were getting broke by atramentous dye abrading off from their acceptable abayas robes. Burnopfield-based Backpack Clinic – set up as an adjunct of Furniture Clinic – has opened the abundance in the Al Maamoura district, and a additional boutique is set to accessible in affluence arcade circuitous the Al Hazm Mall, already architecture is completed afore Christmas.


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  • Seven new jobs accept been created and addition 5 advisers are due to be recruited if the additional Qatari boutique opens.
  • The abstruse aggregation in Qatar went through accelerated training at Backpack Clinic’s County Durham headquarters, and will be travelling consistently to ensure abilities are kept up-to-date.
  • Now open, appeal has been high, even admitting abounding Qataris biking to acknowledgment climes during the summer months.
  • Left to right: Sagar Mehra, Samim Sekh, Akil Ataur and Eniyavan Palanivel at the new Qatar Backpack Clinic

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Vito Cerabona, accepted administrator of the Lerida Group, which has taken on the franchise, said: “Female associates of our buying accumulation came to us with a challenge; to acquisition a aggregation that could abolish the atramentous stains generated from an abaya assimilate their handbags.

“As all bounded ladies abrasion these atramentous abayas, this staining is present on every bag, as the bag starts to besom on the atramentous cloth.

“This, accumulated with the huge appetence for affluence handbags and shoes in Qatar started to acrylic a actual adorable business befalling for us.

“Research into accessible ability led us to Backpack Clinic. We acquainted the affiliation to a trusted UK-based cast was essential, not alone for the ability and training they would provide, but aswell to serve as a abundance to the humans of Qatar who apperceive they are handing their big-ticket accoutrements to a trusted and recognised brand.

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“The humans of Qatar are so aflame by our aperture and captivated with the plan that has been completed. The bulk of accoutrements some barter are bringing in is amazing.

“Some women accept alone off ten accoutrements from their accumulating for charwoman and aliment and we’ve had a huge bulk of alien covering accoutrements appointed in.”

Ben Staerck, managing administrator of Backpack Clinic, added: “We’re actually captivated to accept opened in Qatar.

“Our technicians actuality in the UK accept been alive hand-in-hand with those in Qatari to accomplish abiding they accept all of the abilities and ability all-important to apple-pie and adjustment accoutrements from the world’s arch appearance houses.

“For us, it’s the absolute marriage. Abounding Qatari barter appointment our Chelsea abundance during summer arcade trips to London. Now, they aswell accept the befalling to yield their accoutrements to Vito and his aggregation in Qatar while they are at home.

“It’s been an abundantly agitative year so far for Backpack Clinic.”

2016 Low-cost luxury brand Handbag

Before we always said a woman’s wardrobe is always less a piece of clothing, I believe more people feel that they have less of a bag. Indeed for a woman beautiful bag never seems to no resistance, face a wide variety of styles and colors, there are too many good heart. However, from the recent influx of people in the street shooting star can be found in metal chain bag package shall certainly stand out from many, becoming the most sought-after models, high exposure people have heart for the following popular a few paragraph Luxury Brands Replica Handbags, is bound to dominate the whole year 2016!

Luxury Brands Handbags recommended five: Saint Laurent
Suitable Style: modern, capable
Application: commuter, party

BoyChanel (2)
Saint Laurent since a few years a   o for a more modern designer style and rebellious, then the brand’s classic chain bag design has been liked by many people. Classical trumpet design color values ​​Classic Monogram series Needless to say, but the volume of reality is not practical enough. After twill pattern style masterpiece in size adjustment, the combination of utility and beauty, no wonder a launch by so many actresses vigorously sought.

Luxury Brands Handbags recommendation six: Dolce & Gabbana
Suitable style: elegant, capable
Occasion: Daily Commuter

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Dolce & Gabbana luxury gives the feeling is always enough, flamboyant enough, but this was different from the previous series of Rosalia low-key sophistication, minimalist design of the atmosphere is simply urban OL are the best choice. See supermodel KK interpretation, wild degree simply too delightful it! The side of the organ pleated design increases usability but also more feminine.

Luxury Brands Handbags recommendation seven: Gucci Replica Handbags Uk
Suitable Style: various styles can control
Application: commuter, holiday, party, dating

Louis Vuitton twist bags (2)

Since Gucci for a new design director, launched a new series continue to be received, a launch by everyone touted Bacchus package is what pushed to the cusp. The so-called US drunken people, Gucci Dionysus Bacchus package name made this really easy way to ancient Greek mythology, a symbol of emotional and passionate Dionysian name, monogram printed on the bag body geranium printing, beautiful and romantic. The wide selection of different sizes and printing money, solid color models, also reflects the brand’s intimate side, in short, you can always find one in this series for their own bags.

Luxury Brands Cheap Replica Handbags recommended eight: Chloé
Suitable Style: various styles can control
Suitable occasions: parties, dating, day out to the streets

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Chloé Drew series actually has the fire for nearly two years, when many people suspect it is not going through the air when this series is we affectionately called piggy package in 2016 and introduced new designs and patterns, it seems brand did not intend to let this disappeared ah. Elegant and luxurious, retro refined, comfortable tranquil, almost all women want to be able, so far it has been since the advent of wonder alive, so do not worry, the new season pick-safe colors or a rivet, chain decorative models, 2016 it also red full year.