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November 2015 – Luxury Replica Designer Handbags Outlet UK

The most expensive Hermes handbag auction will be held in Beijing

In recent years, fashionable people suddenly discovered that the addition of Luxury Brand Handbags obtain limited defines a way – Auction. As the old auction houses – Beijing Council International Auction Co., Ltd., the flow, after several months carefully. Several rounds of bidding, the final word, a classic black Jinaimashi bags can into her arms. In recent years, fashionable people suddenly discovered that the addition of luxury obtain limited defines a way – Auction. As the old auction houses – Beijing Council International Auction Co., Ltd., the flow, after several months of careful preparation, December 4 domestic history of the “cow” Hermes Bags auction exhibition will be kicked off the Beijing International Hotel.

As the first exhibition of the largest Luxury Replica Handbags auction, 2015 auction will commence before the season, he had access to many fashion media attention from the media. While foreign luxury auction is not a novel concept, but such a large scale in the country was still a luxury auction exhibition debut. The auction exhibition, Kuang for collectors, sellers, brand enthusiasts to build a healthy operating platform, leading many foreign collectors will treasure for many years its own boutique at Marina reverse auction on this platform. In order to feel at ease so that buyers can bid to his beloved baby, Marina at the early stage of preparing the screening and selection process of the auction, there are professional team on the quality of identification, to ensure that buyers take the baby value for money.

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Upcoming autumn auction in 2015, Beijing Council International Auction Company in the domestic first introduced a special auction of Hermes Replica Handbags, this luggage planned a total of three special topics, from the bright colors of vintage black gold series to series, to the rare skin series, auction The sheer number of fine quality, the price of replica designer handbags distinctions, is worthy of the most “cow” Hermes Replica special auction, from multiple dimensions highlights the Replica Hermes brand of charm! In addition to these most “cow” of the top lots, Marina Shihai cooperation luxury professional team of consultants, the whole auction process to answer any doubts.

As the first domestic luggage special auction, Kuang heavy launch many hot auction, limited edition of 25 centimeters Himalayan alligator platinum package, the ultimate elegant Vintage 28 cm, 32 cm, 35 cm black leather gold buckle Box Kelly bag, rare 25 centimeters fog Burgundy red surface Nile crocodile leather Platinum package, glossy 30 cm emerald Nile crocodile leather Platinum package, more Porosus debut auction of wild alligator Fake Kelly Bag Kelly Flat foldable, in addition, there will be limited Hermes accessories together appearance.

A solid appreciation of experts renowned luxury ladies bags also chief advisor of the auction of the view that not all have the replica luxury handbag collection. She said investment in the first look at the brand handbags, secondly look at the quality, product phase, style and rarity. Heat point of view on the current market, Hermes, LV and CHANEL collectors hearts core brands, while on the auction exhibition Himalayan alligator Hermes platinum package, limit the amount of global platinum emerald alligator bag, black leather Vintage Series Gold Box Kelly bag and buckle Porosus wild crocodile Kelly bag is collapsible Kelly Flat standings auction several bids have more suspense. For a collection of handbags and high practical value, she said there should be different for different groups pursue different levels of favorites, or the user, such as for a new entry-user basis may recommend leather 30 platinum package size; and for Tibet non begun to taste the home user, mixed colors, rare or common cortex of 25/28 size limited edition Kelly bag or 30 platinum package size is a safer choice; experienced collectors or experienced users have been able to understand the soul of Hermes bags , has begun to appreciate the unique brand handbags Vintage past events and the limited edition category.

In addition to the highly anticipated exhibition outside the cattle auction Hermes, antique jewelry, jewelry watches, high-Year auction of rare wines also share level out, which Angelababy wedding Coronet has long been favored by home favorites. Emerald, diamond, multicolored, organic gems, pearls and other categories of coral, red, sapphire and emerald and other jewelry is also no lack of many highlights, 3.60 kt Myanmar without burning pigeon blood red heart-shaped ruby ​​ring, 2.01 karats light pink pear shaped diamond ring, 10.51 kt yellow color rectangular shaped diamond ring chamfer, 1.26 kt pincushion blue diamond ring are highly cost-effective multicolored diamond.

Antique jewelry section, Angelababy wedding Coronet undoubtedly number one competing products, Kingfisher and other Chinese traditional jewelery also share thematic. Replica Watches UK and clocks, parts, Patek Philippe Patek Philippe watches led many lots, Harry Winston sapphire necklace and earrings from the 18 bright carved Sapphire composition prepared in Qianlong, “Tan cage wooden hour wide bell” is currently the market rare quality.

Beijing Council will be presented for the first time nearly a hundred year high of rare whiskey, Han Gaimaikalun, Grand Crown, Grand Pierre et grille. McAllen once gone wine critic Michael Jackson as the Rolls Royce of whiskey, 30 years old blue box MJ won high praise, taste evaluation was “no excessive oak barrels or Sydney, in close connection with flavor, mature degree mellow complex, only a trace of smoke. “With store sales decline, the rise of electricity provider channel shunt and other reasons, the traditional mode of operation has been the decline of the state of luxury, the need for new marketing channels, and provide professional high-end luxury auctions of Kuangshi Shun potential for, became the upstart to experience good channel for high quality of life. 1-3 December, Beijing Kuang most “cow” Hermes auction exhibition debut Beijing will begin previews at the Beijing International Hotel, the 4th official Juchui shooting, in fact, major collectors and enthusiasts feast not to be missed!

Hermes Handbags Custom Factory

Hermes Handbags, classic fashion. Hermes Handbags witnessed custom Mania, is not a “unthinkable thing”? Not necessarily. Hang send women dozen companies recently went to France to visit the head of Hermes Handbags customization workshop, which is allegedly 175 years, never open to non-employees visited Hermes Replica Handbags customized fashion workshop for the first time open the door to China.

Fashion education in China Summit Forum summit in France V20 stylish fashion tour sharing session held recently, visiting business representatives shared their perception of French fashion tour, CCPIT Hangzhou vice president and leaders of relevant departments and industry experts and nearly 40 enterprises in Zhejiang fashion head to attend the forum. The status quo of China’s fashion industry in the global fashion industry chain end of October this year, the arts center is still joint Hermes Handbags Custom Factory, the French Fashion Institute, CCPIT Hangzhou on “Chinese entrepreneurs, senior fashion incubator program”, a dozen well-known Hangzhou School Women Brand head of participants.


During the training in Paris, France, Hang send women entrepreneurs visited Aimashite Exhibition “leisure walk”, Hermes Replica Handbags UK customize Workshop, Paris Society Institute and other clothing, listened to Hermes Handbags president and general manager of Givenchy and Kenzo fashion consulting firm in France senior experts, teach sharing fashion business model, brand building, fashion trends, fashion marketing communications, fashion retail management experience and skills. Can experience the luxury French fashion art and fashion trends, enjoy the luxury of a century artistic charm, to participate in an educational tour of France’s fashion Hang send women business head of the people, benefit. He Xianrong CCPIT vice president, said the trip to France fashion education Hang send women to give you a head to see the gap between fashion and France, but also to find a quick way to make up the short board business, help Chinese enterprises to further pull fashion Near the top brands of distance.

“Brand success is not achieved overnight, when all employees can ’cause ingenuity’, Chinese enterprises can only really Century Foundation, and respected the world. ‘Please come in, go out and learn, to share a’ future CCPIT will also make full use of international resources , carry out contacts and exchanges of institutions, to introduce and develop effective and strong, welcomed by the business training program, providing timely, effective, multi-level economic and trade information. ” he said. Chinese demand for Korean designer clothing enterprises, and on this Summit also issued a Korean Designer Replica Handbags selection plan, carry out the Korean designer with Chinese enterprises docking project, scheduled for late November Organization of Chinese garment enterprises to go to Korea and Korean design Teachers docking exchanges and cooperation signed.

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MCM 2015 autumn and winter gift selection

Festival approaching, the city at the moment, people hurry on weekdays rarely stopped, began to think about starting the year that for themselves, their families and loved repairing what is novel, but also highlight the distinctive personality of the new gift? Italy Art brand Replica Handbags UK from ancient and mysterious peninsula, inspiration, into a modern city, casting eternal, with superb skill in exploring the classical elegance of the noble quality of the road never stop pursuing footsteps. In this season filled with love and extraordinary, select a special selection of the ceremony PERNELLE present you choose an unexpected surprise and decent.


Germany luxury brand MCM Replica Rosetta Series gives its bold future element, which is a perfect interpretation of the bold modern style of the new clothing and accessories. This series was named after Rosetta spacecraft, which is the first successful landing of a robot probe the comet nucleus, carrying reveal secrets of the solar system and life on Earth; as inspiration, the series uses a Kevlar and other great breakthrough Duralumin The innovative materials, heritage MCM Hnadbag Replica decades Creators to pleasing design language gives the nomads from space travel inspiration.

Rosetta Series combines high-tech, lightweight and functional as one of the fabrics to create clothing and accessories really ready to go into space suit design details of decoration. Rosetta whole series was born in Japan, reveals the Japan Science and Technology and Replica Handbags UK made far-reaching contributions.

Rosetta Series Space and short paragraph long paragraph aerospace jacket, handbags and backpacks Boston presents a variety of fusion commonly used in aerospace and automotive innovation in the field of materials; including Cebonner– lightweight, waterproof, Radipoka Carbon– warm, Sun Burner- – perspiration and anti-static and Duralumin – durable heat-resistant metal fittings. Designer Replica Handbags from NASA (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) emergency valve on the suit, oxygen hoses and straps can mediate in the last month, white fabric to create a compelling and unique style single product.

GUCCI 2016 Spring Series Launched One New Limited Series — GG Blooms

Following the 2015 autumn and winter series debut, GG Blooms Series will be in early spring 2016 series to complete the series launched. GG Blooms using geranium printing totem, and GUCCI REPLICA WATCHES classic GG logo with embellishment, lively and elegant coexist modern and historical sense of the intersection. The series uses GG Supreme material, creating a romantic and street fashion style clash, arouses attention, full of vitality.



GG Blooms early spring 2016 series main two colors. Pink stamp is the first to debut in 2015 Dongkuan women, including Gucci Replica Dionysus Bacchus series chain belt Replica Handbags UK, pink print with pink leather or suede. 2016 spring series is added to the green line, compared with pink is more “masculine” to the green for the background of geranium prints, adding a touch of sporty. Accessories black calfskin, some models unisex.

Using GG Supreme GG Blooms material products, including Replica Bags, wallets, shoes and silk products. Flagship product for the handbag, high-top sneakers and ballet shoes, with the series as well as a variety of wallets, card packs and electronic devices such as Shell. GG Blooms series was sold in October 2015.

Kylie Jenner’s Iridescent Chanel Boy Replica Bags


Before I even kick this off, I want to start by saying I know many of you don’t like the Kardashian-Jenner clan. It’s not that I personally love them, but I don’t hate them either, and the ladies have some amazing replica handbags; for our purposes, that means they’re a natural fit for Yezong.co.uk.

I’ve been drawn to the Chanel Boy Replica Bags since its release in 2015, and I’ve found plenty of Boy renditions that I would have loved to add to my closet. When I saw the Chanel Iridescent Boy Replica Bag, I knew it would be loved by many, myself included.

Featuring a tinge of iridescence on the goatskin leather and color-shifting hardware on the clasp and chain handles, this bag’s an immediate eye-catcher. Kylie Jenner, who has an amazing replica handbag collection, bought this bag for herself recently and shared it on Instagram, saying, “I never thought I was the Boy Replica Bag type girl. But I just couldn’t resist this one 😍”. I feel you, Kylie’ I really do. A similar version can be yours for$130 via Chanel, and remember you can shop Chanel beauty and sunglasses now, too!